WHEN KENNY EVERETT MET BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY: Queen’s masterpiece aired for the very first time

Happy 40th Birthday BoRhap!!!!

October 1975: Kenny Everett airs Bohemian Rhapsody on his show on Radio Capital UK. A piece of history Queen fans can now listen to for the very first time.


These audio fragments are taken from a tape found among items once owned by Freddie Mercury and put up for auction in January 2015 by the house sitter of Garden Lodge – who was Jim Hutton’s friend – after Freddie’s death and before Mary Austin came in.

The tape was probably compiled and edited by Kenny Everett and then sent back to Freddie. I didn’t do any adjustments.
Here’s the transcription of the audio:

It’s 6 minutes worth of absolute orgy of sound, so stand by for that it’s coming
up in about 5 minutes.
Here’s a selection of some of their older stuff from their just-got-old LP, stand by for their new one on this channel next week.

-Plays Brighton Rock/Leroy Brown-

OK. You don’t have to buy the LP now, those are all the best bits but there’s a new one around the corner and we shall bring you that first, infact we have their new single, it’s not even been pressed into wax yet, it’s on tape and it’s waiting for me to press the button which I shall do in about 5 minutes, okay…
Yes friends. Once more Capital Radio has said prrrrrrrr!!!, to the BBC and got itself
another exclusive scoop-eroonee – Yes friends, Freddie pressed it into my hot little hand
this very last night-ness, and he said “Go forth and be FAB Ken”, so Ladies and Gentlemen,
for the first time anywhere in this Universe of ours, we present at this moment of time,
the new, Queen, single!

Plays Bo Rhap

Excuse me whilst I scrape myself off the ceiling.
Queen and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.
Haven’t we come a long way since Goldie and The Gingerbreads?

…Likes Queen. It’s their new single.

Plays Bo Rhap

That’s the modern version of…Beethoven.
Ooooh. Me spines turned to custard, love it!
5 minutes to 2.00, that was Queen’s new single, available in your local record store quite soon.
We’ll take a break

Many Thanks to Alessandra Rotilio and David Backhouse for their advice and help!

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