Queen Discography Part II: the 80’s

Queen Discography 80’s

This information is not really in it’s final form, I’ve decided to upload again and it will be updated frequently. Comments and contributions are very welcomed.

This discography is intended to contain information useful for collectors, mainly about Queen vinyl releases worldwide.

The text of this page is originally from Andy Young’s site on line in the 90’s; I have updated with informations about details of new discoveries during the past 20 years.


1980 –The Game

Mirror cover in UK, USA, Germany, Japan and some other counties, later pressings have grey cover instead.Korean “The Game”is very interesting because it has same PS of UK one but different tracks:”Dragon”-“Bites the dust”-Don’t try suicide” are not included and there’s “You take my breath away” . Maybe problems with censorship?
Black and white cover from Mexico.Taiwan pink cover. MFSL master recording vinyl and gold CD.

Custom Pressings, extremely rare: Grey vinyl test pressing from Israel, Multicolor from Mexico. A red vinyl from Ecuador and possibly from Colombia with Odeon black label.


G/Fold issue in Venezuela. Russian pressing with different sleeve (Live Aid picture on the cover).

      • Crazy Little Thing Called Love / We Will Rock You (Live)

Released in all countries”Spread Your Wings (live)” b-side in Japan and USA12″ in Germany and Venezuela, 12″ (with “Bicycle Race” as b-side)yellow vinyl and blue/grey,pink/salmon  and other colours in Colombia.Standard picture sleeve in most countries. Slightly different sleeve in Japan. Some other variations in stamping and writing for other countries. CD3 has Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Spread Your Wings / Flash

      • Save Me / Let Me Entertain You (Live)

Released in all countries except USA”Sheer Heart Attack (Live)” b-side in Japan/AustraliaStandard sleeve in most countries. Slightly different sleeve in Japan.Postcard release in Poland with outer sleeve.

      • Play the Game / A Human Body

Released in most countriesAs far as I can tell, for the first time ever the same sleeve was used in all countries!

      • Another One Bites the Dust / Dragon Attack

Released in all countries”Don’t Try Suicide” b-side in Japan and USA.  12″ in Germany and France, 12″ promo in USA, 12″ yellow vinyl in ColumbiaStandard picture sleeve in most countries. Different sleeves in Sweden (Play The Game sleeve in black and white), France(12″), Portugal, Japan. CD3 has Another One Bites The Dust / Dragon Attack / Las Palabras De Amor Anotherone bites the dust/ Bicycle Race.Japan 7″ promo only WL cable radio station issue with insert sleeve YPS-014. Japanese pressing for some radio-stations,. It’s coming in a white sleeve with insert on the front, with text, written by a typewriter. They spelled Bicycle Lace, because they cannot pronounce the r properly.

    • Need Your Loving Tonight / Rock It (Prime Jive)

Released in Japan and USA onlyPicture sleeve in Japan

1980 — Flash

Relief cover in USA, Japan, Germany (first press). Spanish subtitled version in usual countries. Additional colour insert in Holland, Japan, USA. No limited editions. Venezuela LP in gatefold sleeve. Turkish different cover.

    • Flash / Football Fight


       Released in all countries, 12″ promo in USA (without picture sleeve)Standard picture sleeve in most countries. Different sleeve in Japan and USA (photo).


1981 — Greatest Hits

Picture disc from Bulgaria

German first few pressings in brown cover. Actually two different ones. One with relief, one without. Dutch “Grootste Hits” liited edition gold bordered cover. Bulgarian white cover, double LP and normal LP. Bulgarian LP with montreux ’84 picture (like the picture disc). Seems to be a bootleg (like picture disc). Two East German compilations (called “Queen” but basically a greatest hits. One with a crest cover, one with the same picture as on the inside of “Queen II”. Polish LP “Best Of Queen” with the picture from the Jazz picture disc on the cover. US release on K-Tel records with different sleeve, and identical Venezualan sleeve. In Venezuela there was also the standard 81 sleeve but G/fold. South African 1985 issue including T-shirt with tour dates.

The rarest Greatest Hits sleeve is possible one of the rarest Queen items ever. In 1980, a compilation was first planned, and it got as far as having a sleeve designed. This was shelved when the Flash Gordon project came along. The running order was the same as the eventual UK release, but without the Flash song. Four copies of the mock-up sleeve are thought to exist (along with details of a possible press campaign). The style of the sleeve is with a picture of each member taking up a quarter of the sleeve.


Custom colored vinyls:  Red vinyl from Mexico, Pink vinyl from Ecuador, White vinyl from Nigeria.


    • Bohemian Rhapsody / We Will Rock You 
    • issued in France only as promo 45

Spanish 7″ promo single without picture sleeve.

1982 — Hot Space

Greek release has gatefold sleeve.Venezuelan issue g/fold also with an mistake on vinyl: Label says as last song on A-side “Action This Day” but it plays “Cool Cat” and of course you find “ATD” on the B-side instead of “CC”.Grey vinyl in Columbia. S. African issue is g/fold.

      • Under Pressure / Soul Brother

Released in all countries12″ in Germany and some other European countries, 12″ yellow vinyl in ColumbiaStandard sleeve in most countries. Different sleeve in Japan, some other minor layout and stamping changes in other countries, particularly Portugal.CD3 has Under Pressure / Soul Brother / Body Language

      • Body Language / Life is Real

Released in all countries12″ in Germany and some other European countries. 12″ promo in USAStandard sleeve in most countries. Slightly different sleeve in Japan. Censored sleeve from USA (harder to find than the original fleshey sleeve).


      Different sleeve from South Africa with 3 sides open.(Click to see)


      Spanish subtitled sleeves from South America, though Mexico and Argentina sleeves use different words for translation!


    • Las Palabras de Amor / Cool Cat

Released in some countries in Europe and South America (as well as India and Zaire apparently).Standard picture sleeve in the countries that had a picture sleeve.

    • Calling All Girls / Put Out The Fire

Released in USA, Australia, New Zealand onlyPicture sleeve in USA

    • Staying Power / Calling All Girls

Released in Japan only, 12″ promo release in USA”Back Chat (extended)” b-side of USA 12″ promo release with a-side extendedPicture sleeve in Japan

    • Back Chat / Staying Power

Released in Japan and some European countries only”Las Palabras De Amor” b-side in Japan12″ in UK only featuring extended version.Standard picture sleeve in most countries. Different sleeve in Japan. Spanish subtitled sleeve from South America (both 7″ and 12″). Dutch 12″ sleeve with the colours in a different order.

1984 — The Works

No limited editions. Japanese first pressing came with four page colour poster. Venezuela LP has silver writing instead of red – also gatefold from Venezuela (with red writing). India and Russia have different back covers.


      • Excerpts from The Works

UK promo flexidisc with snippets of Radio Ga Ga, I Want to Break Free, It’s a Hard Life, Hammer to Fall

      • Radio Ga Ga / I Go Crazy

Released in all countries A UK 7″ Ga-ga different p/s exists.It has the group standing in the pose where they have their arms outstretched wearing red tops and black leather trousers on the front and on the back they are on the stage in the same costume in front of the crowd from the promo video the number is still Emi Queen 1.

Only few printer’s proofs of this exist. A finished but not glued sleeve.

12″ featuring extended and instrumental versions (not USA)Standard picture sleeve in all countries. Slightly different in Japan.

Also, a very different Japanese promo 45 with unique insert, as well as a Test pressing 7″.


      • I Want to Break Free (remix) / Machines (Back to Humans)

Released in all countries”Machines (instrumental version)” b-side in USA12″ featuring extended version (?not USA, not Japan)In the UK, USA,Portugal and South Africa, there were a set of four 7″ singles with a member of the band on each. In other countries there was a 7″ featuring all four with either a red or a white border. The 12″ sleeve always has all four, and again has either a red or a white border. It is rumoured that the set of four in the UK came in versions with white letters and with gold letters. Not sure if this is true. Freddie’s sleeve is **much** more common than the others (Roger’s seems to be more common in Portugal!)CD3 has I Want To Break Free (remix) / Machines / It’s A Hard Life.

A japanese test pressing 7″ with unique promo insert exists.

      • It’s a Hard Life / Is This the World We Created

Released in all countries.12″ without PS featuring extended version in some countries12″ PS not featuring extended version in some countries12″ PS featuring extended version in Germany (rare)12″ picture disc in the UK (not featuring the extended version)Standard sleeve in most countries. Different sleeve in Japan and Malta (radio station promo only).Some German 7″ picture sleeves feature tour dates.

There is a version of the UK 7″ PS which has Roger looking in a slightly different direction. You can easily tell the difference by looking at Freddie’s wig. If it has a v-shape to the left then it is the common sleeve. If it doesn’t then it is the rarer one.


      • Hammer to Fall / Tear it Up

Released in most countries (not Japan)12″ featuring Headbangers Mix released in EuropeStandard red sleeve in most countries. White sleeve in Spain and rare live sleeve in UK. The Spanish white sleeve may be a 12″.

The UK release initially had a live picture sleeve, but this was withdrawn because Brian objected to something or other. Some shops had it for sale for a week, so it isn’t clear why it is as rare as it is. The usa 7″p/s live hammer to fall is slightly different to the uk as it Has a gold band round it and a capitol label in the corner. A Canada sleeve is also rumoured but needs confirmation.

Man On The Prowl / Keep Passing The Open Windows

Planned for release but withdrawn. Some promo copies and test pressing exist. No picture sleeves, though it has been found in “Thank God It’s Christmas” sleeves! The only commercial and withdrawn issue found is the irish one.


      • Thank God It’s Christmas / Man On The Prowl / Keep Passing The Open Windows

Released in most countries (not USA or Japan)Australian release doesn’t have KPTOW.12″ with extended versions of MOTP/KPTOW in some countriesStandard picture sleeve in the countries that had a picture sleeve.


    Unofficial Israeli “peace in middle east” 12″ remix with picture sleeve.

1985 — The Complete Works

Limited edition – number unknown but it is still available in shops 10 years later! An initial set of probably 300 were fully autographed (on the “Complete Vision” sleeve).


1986 — A Kind of MagicOrange vinyl and pink vinyl from New Zealand (also burgundy test pressing from NZ). Blue vinyl from Columbia (EMI-111051) YES it exists. Red vinyl from France. Russian release has different inner sleeve.

      • One Vision / Blurred Vision

Released in all countries12″ in most countries (not Japan) featuring Extended VisionUK release had 7″ and 12″ with or without a red inner sleeve. Limited edition UK 12″ release in plastic negative sleeve with red inner sleeve.

      • Princes of the Universe / A Dozen Red Roses for my Darling

Released in USA, Japan and Australia only”Gimme The Prize” b-side in Australia. “Who Wants To Live Forever” b-side in JapanStandard sleeve (same as AKOM single standard sleeve) in USA and Japan. Unique sleeve in AustraliaPromo 12″ released in USA.

      • A Kind of Magic / A Dozen Red Roses for my Darling

Released in all countries “Gimme the Prize” b-side in USA (though it says “A Dozen Red Roses for my Darling” on the sleeve)12″ in most countries featuring extended version12″ picture disc in UK with b-side credited as “Don’t Lose Your Head (instrumental version)” though it is the same as “ADRRFMD”Standard sleeve in most countries. Different sleeve in France and USA.CD3 has A Kind Of Magic / A Dozen Red Roses for my Darling / One Vision .1995 bootleg rerelease of picture disc from Italy. There is a noticeable clear border running round the edge of the bootleg which is not on the original. The b-side picture is different as well.

      • Friends will be Friends / Seven Seas of Rhye

Released in some countries only (not USA or Japan)”Gimme The Prize” b-side in New Zealand7″ picture disc in UK12″ in most countries featuring extended versionStandard sleeve in all countries. Heather is near the bottom right. Jane is in the middle on the bottom, and therefore is probably on the picture disc as well. The woman climbing all over John is Sue, and the chap with the scarf is Bryn.

      • Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (remix) / Don’t Lose Your Head

Released in Germany, Holland, Spain, USA and Australia only”Who Wants to Live Forever” b-side in Australia12″ featuring extended version in these countries.Standard sleeve in all countries.

      • Who Wants to Live Forever / Killer Queen

Released in some (mainly European) countries only”Don’t Lose Your Head” b-side in New Zealand12″ in most countries featuring “Forever” (piano version)Standard sleeve in most countries.Rereleased in Germany and Holland with “Friends Will Be Friends” after Freddie’s death. Italian bootleg picture disc released 1993.

      • One Year Of Love / Gimme The Prize

Released in France and Spain only.12″ (from both countries) does not feature extended version.Standard picture sleeve. French pink promo version. Spanish sleeve has different back.

1986 — Live Magic

Not released in USA.

  • Promotional copies of “Under Pressure (live)” exist with the WWRY/FWBF/WATC medley on the b-side. Reported countries with this promo are UK, USA, Mexico and France. A  one sided promo 7″ with Under Pressure only has been released in South Africa.

1989 — The Miracle

Not released on vinyl in Japan. No limited editions. Promotional box set featuring “The Teaser Tape” and CD, photos, press briefing etc. Russian pressing with different track order.

      • I Want It All (single version) / Hang on in There

Released in most countries. 12″ and CD5 released in Europe. CD3 from UK exists (don’t know where it comes from). CD3 in Japan.Picture CD5 released in UK.Standard sleeve in most countries.Promo press pack from UK. Promo CD from France with “Under Pressure”. Promo Juke-box from Italy (Richard Marx on b-side).

Promo vinyl release from Japan. Very limited quantities. The number isn’t really known (don’t believe everything you read in Record Collector) I think there are hundreds of copies.


    • Breakthru / Stealin’

Released in some countries (promo only in USA)12″ and CD5 released in Europe featuring extended version.Promo CD5 released in USA featuring “now edit” and “almost now edit” as well as two other. Single track promo CD5 also exists.Shaped picture disc in UK (all three stages of test pressing [clear, plain and uncut] are known to exist)Standard sleeve in all countries

    • Invisible Man / Hijack My Heart

Released in some countries12″ and CD5 released in Europe featuring extended version.7″ and 12″ clear vinyl released in UK Standard sleeve in all countries

    • Scandal / My Life Has Been Saved

Released in some countriesPromo CD5 released in USA with “My Life Has Been Saved”, “Hijack My Heart”, “Stealin”. Single track pink promo CD5 also exists.12″ and CD5 released in Europe featuring extended version.7″ poster bag and 12″ etched disc released in UKStandard sleeve in all countries.

Unique custom clear 12″ from the factory have been leaked with unique design.

    • The Miracle / Stone Cold Crazy (live)

Released in some countriesThere also excists a 7″ w/l promo from JApan, same like ANOBTD.It has a plain white sleeve and an insert.Other side: Paul McCartney ‘My brave face’.12″ released in Europe (CD5 in UK) featuring “My Melancholy Blues (live)”7″ hologram sleeve and 12” with insert released in UK.Standard sleeve in all countries

1989 — At The Beeb


Released in UK (LP/CD), Japan (CD), USA (CD and limited promotional vinyl picture disc 1995). The USA release is called Queen at the BBC and has a totally different cover. UK release by “Band of Joy” rather than EMI (but still official)

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