Queen Discography Part III: the 90’s

Queen Discography 90’s

This information is not really in it’s final form, I’ve decided to upload again and it will be updated frequently. Comments and contributions are very welcomed.

This discography is intended to contain information useful for collectors, mainly about Queen vinyl releases worldwide.

The text of this page is originally from Andy Young’s site on line in the 90’s; I have updated with informations about details of new discoveries during the past 20 years.



1991 — Innuendo

German limited edition CD with calendar. UK promo LP with autograph facsimile. Venezuelan LP has pink back cover. No limited editions. Promotional box set featuring CD, cassette, photo, press briefing etc. No vinyl in Japan or USA. 



      • Innuendo / Bijou

Released in all countries (promo CD only in USA, without Bijou)12″ in Europe and CD5 in Japan and Europe with explosive version and “Under Pressure”.12″ picture disc released in UK (both stages of test pressing [clear and plain] are known to exist).UK promo 12″ with picture label and die-cut sleeve released.Standard sleeve in all countries

      • I’m Going Slightly Mad / The Hitman

Released in some countriesShaped picture disc released in UK (uncut versions exist, clear and plain test pressings probably do as well)12″ and CD5 in Europe with “Lost Opportunity”Standard sleeve in all countries

      • Headlong / All God’s People

Released in all countries”Under Pressure” b-side in USA”The Hitman” b-side in Australia”Lost Opportunity” and “Mad The Swine” b-side in Japan12″ picture disc released in UK.12″ and CD5 in Europe with “Mad The Swine”Standard sleeve in most countries.


      Different sleeve in USA and Holland (CD only) and France (7″ & 12″,promo only and CD


    Abbey Road acetates exist – seen only occasionally, but far far more common than other acetates.
    • These Are The Days of Our Lives / Bijou

Released in USA only with picture sleeveTwo different promo releases as well – one with two versions, one with one.

    • The Show Must Go On / Keep Yourself Alive

Released in Europe only 12″ and CD5 in Europe with “Queen Talks” (12″ is etched, “Body Language” on the CD5)Box set CD5 released in UK with “Now I’m Here”, “Fat Bottomed Girls”, “Las Palabras De Amor”, discography and poster.Standard sleeve in all countriesRed vinyl release from Italy (limited to 2000) in special sleeve.

    • I Can’t Live With You (remix) / (edit)

Promo release in USA only – one with two versions, one with one.

1991 — Greatest Hits II

UK first issue had relief cover. Promo box set with Hits II CD, Flix II video and Pix II book.

    • A Sample Of Magic

Queen Talks, The Show Must Go On, A Sample Of Magic (A Kind Of Magic, Under Pressure, Radio Gaga, I Want To Break Free, Breakthru, Friends Will Be Friends, Innuendo, One Vision)Promo CD5 released in UK.

1992 — Queen RocksFour CDs available individually or as a box set. Also available on cassette.1992 — Classic QueenThere was a Capitol version of this in 1989 which was promo only. The Hollywood one was a proper release.

    • One Year Of Love / We Are The Champions / Barcelona

Promo release in USA only

    • Stone Cold Crazy (remix)/ We Will Rock You&We Are The Champions / Stone Cold Crazy (outtake)

Promo release in USA only

    • Hammer To Fall / Bohemian Rhapsody

Promo release in USA only

1992 — The 12″ CollectionIssued in the Queen box set “Box Of Tricks” only in 1992. Also available on cassette.1992 — Live at Wembley ’86Double LP in UK and other coutries. In Venezuela this double issue was sold in two separated CD’s Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

      • We Will Rock You (live) / We Are The Champions (live)

Released in Spain with “We Will Rock You” as a-sideReleased in France and Spain with “We Are The Champions” as a-sideReleased in Italy, Germany, Holland and Australia as double a-side


    Standard picture sleeve except different sleeve in Spain. French release is in cardboard sleeve whereas German/Dutch is in normal CD5 case. 7″ from France, 12″ from Italy.

1994 — Digital Master Sampler

UK promotional digipack CD with foldout artwork.1995 — Made In HeavenUK ivory coloured vinyl Limited edition of 50000 worldwide) and black vinyl as well. There are a variety of different packagings for the CD depending on country: some have a row of “Q”s embossed along the CD spine; some have the “Made In Heaven” postmark embossed onto the front of the CD case in either black or white. Some have both, some have neither. Japanese edition (?limited?) with 40 page booklet and outer cardboard sleeve.

The UK vinyl has the sunset picture on the front and the sunrise picture inside with the sunset picture on the a-side label and the sunrise picture on the b-side label. The UK cassette has the sunrise picture on the outside. The UK CD has the sunrise picture on the booket and the sunset picture on the picture CD. The USA CD seems to have the sunrise picture on both the booklet and the picture CD. To recognise them: the sunrise picture has an overall blueish tinge; and the sunset picture has a goldish tinge, a bit of water turbulence next to the microphone/balcony rail of the house, and a slight mist over the water. Strangely, the sunset picture has a damn great tree on the right of the statue whereas the sunrise picture does not.

There is an advance version of the album with a slightly different version of “Let Me Live” on it. I have got the promo cassette with blue paper sleeve ehich came with the Press kit .The song was remixed because of the “Take a piece of my soul” refrain which is also the title of a J. Joplin song.In the lirycs booklet (Press Kit) also appears written the first version of the song.Rumoured also some advance copies of the vinyl but nothing has been viewed.

      • Heaven For Everyone / It’s A Beautiful Day

Released in all countries except USAPart 1 CD5 has single and album versions of “Heaven For Everyone” and a non-album version of “It’s A Beautiful Day” in a case that takes 2 CDs.Part 2 CD5 has the single version of “Heaven For Everyone” plus digital remaster versions of “Keep Yourself Alive”, “Seven Seas Of Rhye” and “Killer Queen”Standard sleeve in all countries – part 1 CD5 has the “sunrise” shot and part 2 CD5 has the “sunset” shot.

Most countries local releases seem to be the same as the UK second CD with the three remastered old tracks and the sunset shot.The Dutch cardsleeve issue has as extra track “It’s A Beautiful Day” Released on 23 October 1995 . One track DJ promo CD. Japanese CD single has only two remastered tracks (“Keep Yourself Alive”, “Seven Seas Of Rhye”) for some reason.

No released vinyl though there is a 7″ jukebox promo issue (which comes with a promotional card and poster but just a plain white sleeve). The record label is etched into the vinyl rather than stuck onto it. Italy JB and Zimbawe JP whitel label promo.


      • Too Much Love Will Kill You / Rock In Rio Blues

Released in USA


      • A Winter’s Tale / Thank God It’s Christmas

Released in (probably) all countries except USA and JapanPart 1 CD5 with “A Winter’s Tale”, “Thank God It’s Christmas” and “Rock In Rio Blues” in a special Christmas wrap-around digipack.Part 2 CD5 with “A Winter’s Tale”, “Now I’m Here”, “You’re My Best Friend”, “Somebody To Love” in a standard jewel case.

No released vinyl though there is another 7″ jukebox promo issue. Dutch two track card sleeve issue. Two track DJ promo CD.

    • Too Much Love Will Kill You / We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions


      Released in UK and some months later in Holland ,Italy and ?


      Pink vinyl 7″ contains “Too Much Love Will Kill You” (album version) and digital remasters of “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions”


      CD5 contains additional digital remaster of “Spread Your Wings”


      Jukebox promo 7″ just features “Too Much Love” and “Champions”. The first pressing of the jukebox single was mispressed, but it is believed that all copies were recalled and destroyed.


    • You Don’t Fool Me


      Released in Europe .USA.Australia German CD5 contains album version, edited single version, “Sexy Club Mix” (11 minutes long) and “Dancing Divas Club Mix” (eight minutes long)


      12″ in Italy with sexy,dancing divas,instrumental dancing divas and b.s. project remixes .Click on the icon below to see PS (same of the german an dutch CDsingle) and label


      12″ and CDs in France with different mixes (also promo CD with diff. ps). 12″ promo and commercial in USA. 12″ promo in orange vinyl in UK then grey vinyl in different and #ed PS (more than 10.000).
    • I Was Born To Love You


      Released in Japan as a one track CD 3″.(Click to see)


France edition card PS CD with also a promo edition.

      • Let Me Live/Bicycle Race/Fat Bottomed Girls

Released in Europe7″ picture discPart 1 CD5 (Hits CD) contains “Let Me Live” and digital remasters of “Bicycle Race”, “Fat Bottomed Girls” and “Don’t Stop Me Now”.Part 2 CD5 (Rarities CD) contains “Let Me Live” and “At The BBC” versions of “My Fairy King”, “Doin’ Alright” and “Liar”.Two track card sleeve CD from Holland


      • Heaven For Everyone/Soul Brother

Released in USA. Some promo copies were mispressed with “Made In Heaven” instead of “Heaven For Everyone”.

Don’t Stop Me Now/ Let Me Live
3″ issued in Japan.

1997 — Queen Rocks“New Sort of greatest Hits with harder Queen tracks including new song “No One But you”. New version of ” I can’t live with you” and new mastering of “Tie your mother down”. UK edition in double vinyl.”
There is also a new mix of I Want It All (a mix between the single and album version) and there is a mix of I’m In Love With My Car (it begins like the single version but ends like the album version!). UK edition in double vinyl (2 different sleeves/also on CD and cassette).
Brazil and South-Africa have a different censored CD issue: the two girls are wearing clothes instead of nothing. Brazil has also a censored cassette release.

  • No One But You
    No-One But You: Released in Europe on 24 November 1997. CD-maxi has the tracks N-OBY/POTU/WWRY (Rick Rubin Mix)/GTP (Instr. Remix For ‘TE’) and the Dutch cardsleeve has GTP (IRFTE) as extra track. Not released in the UK!* No-One But You: Released on 5 January 1998 in UK only! CD-maxi has Tie Your Mother Down instead of Princes Of The Universe. There is also a 7″ picture disc available and a 7″ jukebox single. The CD-maxi has the cat. nr. CDQUEEN27, the European release has CDQUEEN26. Don’t know why. Maybe because these CD-maxi’s are not the same (different tracks). The sleeve of the UK release is a bit different.
    There’s also an unreleased (or deleted) UK 7″ picture disc that was pressed in 1997. It contains the tracks N-OBY/POTU/WWRY (Rick Rubin Mix)/GTP (Instr. Remix For ‘TE’) and has the same sleeve as the 1997 European CD-maxi release. Cat. nr. is QUEEN26.

1999 — Queen+ Greatest Hits III

Released in the UK as a 2LP set without a gatefold, numbered and limited to 10000 copies. The sleeve is the same as the limited (or the first issue) CD release. Freddie and ‘Greatest Hits III’ have been printed on the LP sleeve and Brian, John and Roger plus ‘Queen+ Greatest Hits III’ have been printed on a PVC outer sleeve. The LP issue has also been released with a promotional sticker. Both issues don’t have the fan photos.
Two CD issues in the UK, the first issue has the same sleeve as the 2LP, where Brian, John and Roger plus ‘Queen+ Greatest Hits III’ have been printed on the CD jewel case. It also features some fan photos. The second issue is a normal pressing where everything has been printed on the CD booklet and doesn’t feature the fan photos. There’s also a cassette issue which is the same as the second CD issue (again without the fan photos).
A UK Advanced Listening promo with a black sleeve and black CD has been released to promote the album.
Japan has a different extra track: I Was Born To Love You. It also comes with an obi. There’s also an issue with a booklet plus obi and a limited foldable slipcase that can hold 3 CD’s. Israel only has 16 tracks instead of 17 tracks. Brazil has orange writing on the sleeve instead of the grey/silver writing.

A unique Japanese 3CD promo set has been released to promote the album. It features “Greatest Hits”, “Greatest Hits II” and “Greatest Hits III”, the Japanese CD issues. All three CD’s are housed in a promo slipcase with “GH3” artwork on the front and a black sleeve on the back. The package also features a unique promo booklet in Japanese language with pictures (booklet has the size of a normal CD booklet).

  • Under Pressure (Remix)

Released in the UK and Europe.
Part 1 CD5 contains “Under Pressure (Rah Mix) (Radio Edit)”, “Under Pressure (Mike Spencer Mix)”, “Under Pressure (Knebworth Mix)” and “Enhanced Section” which features a short ‘making of’ of the Under Pressure video clip. It’s housed in a digi-pack.
Part 2 CD5 contains “Under Pressure (Rah Mix)”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Thank God It’s Christmas”. Also released in the UK as a cassette single.
The first CD issue has Freddie in a grey colour with a yellow coloured jacket where as the second CD issue has Freddie in a light brownish colour (incl the jacket). The cassette single has the same sleeve as the firts Cd issue.
Also released in the UK as a 7″ picture disc with “Under Pressure (Rah Mix) (Radio Edit)” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” without a sleeve. It only has a small black sticker to seal the plastic sleeve.

Holland has a 2 track cardsleeve with “Under Pressure (Rah Mix) (Radio Edit)” and “Thank God It’s Christmas”.

France has a CD5 with a different tracklisting: “Under Pressure (Rah Mix) (Radio Edit)”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Vidéo Under Pressure” and “Making Of De La Vidéo Under Pressure”. The sleeve is like the second UK CD5 edition and contains a French stamp on the front.

To promote the single a CD5 single was issued with “Under Pressure (Rah Mix)”, “Under Pressure (Mike Spencer Mix)” and “The Show Must Go On”. The sleeve is the same as the Queen+ Greatest Hits III album, except for the subtitle ‘David Bowie / Elton John’. Issued in a cardsleeve.
A UK 12″ only release featuring “Under Pressure (Club 2000 Mix)” and “Under Pressure (Rah Mix)”. Released as a white label promo in a black sleeve with a small silver sticker in the right upper corner.

  • Princes Of The Universe

Released in Holland only with “Princes Of The Universe”, “Was It All Worth It” and “Enhanced Section”. Released on 28 Feb. 2000 in a slim jewel case.
2000 — In VisionJapan only CD issue containing 11 tracks. Released in a slipcase with an obi.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

3″ CD-single from Japan with “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Now I’m Here” and “Bohemian Rhapsody (Karaoke Version)”. The package contains a lyrics sheet with English and Japanese lyrics.

Special editions

Repackaging of existing albums or singles.

    • 1986 — Queen Mania

German flight case with all of the EMI original CDs plus a T-shirt and a badge. Limited edition of 1000.

    • 1988 — German CD Single BoxGerman limited numbered edition (to 555 copies) wallet set with all twelve UK CD3s in their original packaging presented in six leaf folder (each page has space for mounting two CD3s)
    • 199? — Greatest Hits I & II

Limited and numbered edition mahogany box with Greatest Hits I and II (I think this is not an official release)

    • 1992 — CD Single BoxJapanese box set of all twelve CD3s in their 3″x6″ format, including booklet with lyrics
    • 1992 — Greatest Hits I & II

Limited numbered edition 1992 green box containing the normal Greatest Hits I and II CD’s

    • 1992 — The Queen Collection

USA green folder/box with Hollywood version of Greatest Hits, Classic Queen and Queen Talks (a special CD with the full 1989 Radio 1 Simon Bates interview and Thank God It’s Christmas) and a postcard.

    • 1994 — Greatest Hits I and II

Gold double pack with remastered Greatest Hits and regular Greatest Hits II, with booklet. There are three versions of this release: The UK version has gold booklet and sleeve, but normal coloured CDs with black writing directly onto the CD. The Dutch version has gold booklet and sleeve, and normal coloured CDs which are printed with a gold background and the black writing is on this background. The Austrian version has gold booklet and sleeve and also proper gold CDs with black writing (gold CDs same type as the Ultimate Box Set, not the MFSL releases)

      • Don’t StopMe Now / In Only Seven Days

Released in France on CD only (plus single track promo)

  • 1995 — The Ultimate Queen Box Set

Wall mounted cabinet with 18 gold coloured picture CDs inside and two on the front, with glass door in front and booklet (showing album covers and credits) inside. Limited numbered edition of 15000 worldwide. 

  • 1995 — Greatest History

Japan promo collection CD. Limited and numbered. Unnumbered copies have also been reported.

  • 1998 — Greatest Karaoke Hits

Japanese double CD set featuring 31 instrumental tracks. Released with a unique sleeve and an obi. Also available on laserdisc.

  • 1998 — The Crown Jewels

USA box set with Queen’s first 8 studio albums, re-packed into mini LP sleeves and remastered. It also includes a booklet with all the lyrics and pictures from the LP’s.

  • 1998 — Japanese re-packed albums

Queen’s first 8 studio albums re-packed into mini LP sleeves, remastered, containing a fold-out sheet with the lyrics in English and Japanese plus an obi. Each CD was sold seperatly

  • 1998 — Miniatures

UK set (Volume I & II), limited and numbered, containing the 8 Japanese re-packed albums. Volume I contains “Queen”, “Queen II”, “Sheer Heart Attack” and “A Night At The Opera”. Volume II contains “A Day At The Races”, “News Of The World”, “Jazz” and “The Game”.

  • 2000 — The Platinum Collection

Another Queen greatest hits set, released on November 13 2000 in Europe only (and only available till 31 December 2000 according to Queen Productions). This 3CD set contains the albums “Greatest Hits”, “Greatest Hits II” and “Greatest Hits III” packed in a silver embossed slipcase (like the 1994 golden “GH1&2” set). All three CD’s are picture disc CD’s.

  • 199? — Live

German limited edition boxed set with Live Killers and Live Magic CDs


Other releases

    • Hammer To Fall – Live in Rio

USA 7″ promo and 12″ promo without picture sleeve to promote video.

    • Queen and George Michael

Five Live EP – Somebody To Love (Q+GM at tribute concert), These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Q+GM+LS at tribute concert), Killer/Papa Was A Rolling Stone (GM live), Calling You (GM live)USA and European release had “Dear Friends” (Q studio)7″, 2CD5s, 12″ (which doesn’t feature any Queen although it does have the crest on the die-cut sleeve). There are European 12″ releases that do feature Queen.All sorts of promotional items like boxes and promo CD5s.

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