Queen 1978 Cleveland Concert Poster

Queen Cleveland 78 Poster framed
Made for the Jazz tour Nov. 25th 1978 when Queen played at Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio.
Limited edition of 200 pieces. This is number 98. In stunning excellent conditions. This is the only case that Queen had a tour related poster in limited number edition, made by an artist like the old American Great Band tradition. This is a silkscreened print, not on paper but on heavy card. Measures are 37×56 cm. Signed by original artist David Helton.

┬áSome years ago I contacted the the artist of this rare queen concert poster. Here’s what he wrote me back:

“hello…i’m sorry i’m just now getting back to you regarding the history of
that queen poster. yes, i did illustrate that poster back in 1978, i think.
i did sign all 200 prints but only a few were signed by the band. i did the
poster for a friend of mine at the time who was doing his first local
cleveland promotion for elektra records. he had just been hired by the label
and he wanted a cool promotion with our radio station, WMMS for the
appearance of queen coming to town. i suggested the limited edition poster
idea as an on-air give-away with the station’s listeners. at the time, i was
doing all of WMMS artwork that included t-shirts, bumper stickers,
billboards etc. with our “buzzard” mascot representing the station. anyway,
this local elektra rep loved the idea and i started the art. i used a friend
to model as the “queen” and i took photos and used her form for the figure.
i wanted an “art nouveu” kind of feel to it but it doesn’t succeed fully
that way. i still liked the way it looked and the silk-screen printer made
me a special print on glass. also, elektra was very happy with the promotion
and had me a signed framed poster made. we gave away about 180 of the
posters and the rest were used by the label. i got to meet the band after
the show so i remember this as a great experience. glad you haved enjoyed
the image and that you have a museum of such a great band. you can google
“WMMS buzzard” and find out more about the station. thanks and good luck.
david helton”
The following photos are the original layers for poster printing artwork, acquired directly from the artist
cleveland_78_limited_print-013 cleveland_78_limited_print-012
cleveland_78_limited_print-010 cleveland_78_limited_print-011

One thought on “Queen 1978 Cleveland Concert Poster

  • 25 July 2017 at 6:29 AM

    What an amazing find! I’m awestruck.


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