Queen Greatest Hits LP From Nigeria Top Rarity

The most exciting thing about collecting rare records is that it’s a neverending passion and above all always open to new surprises. I’ts the case of this issue of the most selling Queen album worlwide. A pressing of Greatest Hits LP, released in Nigeria. I’ve heard of other obscure pressings from this country from serious collectors of Beatles, The Who and Pink Floyd. So beside rare issues from Zimbawe, Mozambique, Angola and S. Africa, Queen collectors can go crazy with this new discovery. Beside the fact that a Queen record from Nigeria was never reported by any collector, this issue is still more appetible. It’s on white vinyl.


The laminated cover is like the UK one with reported cat number on the back :EMTV30 0C 062-78041.
On the bottom of the back sleeve there’s reported: “Printed in Nigeria by Roadson graphic arts trade LTD. Maboju-Ikeja” plus a local tel number. Beside this, under the EMI logo you read Oregun road PMB 21286 IKEJA.


The cream/white vinyl (more white) is made of good quality materials, the matrix numbers are like the UK one,”EMTV30-8″ wich makes me think that the local company received the mother stampers directly from UK.
I played it: excellent quality of recording. The labels are warm-pressed. Details of printings are sharp, lack of colour quality altough. I wonder if there are reports of other EMI Lp pressed in Nigeria out there..

Considering all the above details this rare african coloured vinyl can be certainly put in a top 5 Queen wordwide rarities chart.

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