Queen Colored Vinyls from Colombia

Colombia: a land  full of Queen colored gems

This south american country has always been in Queen collectors dream.

Probalby a chaotic use of colored vinyls depended on the low quality material using during the pressing of the records.

In this article we’ll try to list all the known Queen colored rarities from Colombia, including the most recent discoveries.

Live Killers 2LP 1979

This 2LP issue with both vinyls in dark blue have been reported and sold from a famous UK based record store some years ago.

Someone also reported the existence of the issue with one blue vinyl and the other black.

Hot Space LP 1982

This rare grey vinyl issue was discovered in mid 90’s. Only few copies circulated in the last 20 years.

Anotherone bites the dust 12″ 1980

1980 Anotherone Bites The Dust 12" Colombia grey vinyl

The known issues of this 12″ in colored viny are: Gray Vinyl, Green Vinyl (2xpix below), Yellow Vinyl (two different kind of yellow a golden one and a light one), Blue Vinyl.




Crazy Little Thing Called Love 12″ 1979 


This maxi single was out in different colors in Colombia. The existence of the following has surely been reported: Green Vinyl, Yellow Vinyl, Pink Vinyl, Blue Vinyl , Lilac Vinyl , Light Blue Vinyl (the above picture from the site of Serdar an great Queen collector from Turkey.




Under Pressure 12″ 1982

The only other know 12″ fro Colombia we know was out in colored vinyl. A yellow vinyl (shown below), orange/pink vinyl surely exist but it’s very realistic that other colors are available.


On ebay In march 2008 a green/blue copy appeared this is the only picture we’ve got:



The Works LP 1984

Queen collectors have been shocked in August 2007 when a copy of the Works LP from Colombia appeared on ebay in a stunning blue vinyl version. Here are the pictures.. Good luck to everybody in getting another copy of this never heard before colored vinyl . Thanks to Joe Demelio for pictures of this mega rare piece.


And again on March 2008 an incredible surprise appeared again on the most famous electronic auction site. Again a copy of The Works LP made in Colombia, this time in red vinyl. Here are the pictures. Thanks to Serdar Akkoc for letting me use them.



A Kind Of Magic LP 1986ColombiablueAKOM_qm

The Blue vinyl issue of this LP has been always very sought after by Queen Collectors. Only few copies appeared on the market in the last 20years.

If you have good quality pictures of the colored vinyls missing in this list please send to us. A lot of rumours have been told about other legendary colombian colored vinyls. The most common legends are about a yellow vinyl of the Queen at the Beeb LP or a blue vinyl issue of Greatest Hits  and also a red vinyl version of The Game, but all these are not confirmed. If you know/have some obscure colored item from this Country please contact us, send a picture… We all Want To Believe!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Queen Colored Vinyls from Colombia

  • 21 September 2013 at 12:32 AM

    I have a yellow vinyl of Queen at the Beeb stored somewhere. I bought a lot of Queen stuff as a teenager, and I think I found this one around 1985 in Oslo. I will look tomorrow!!!

    • 3 October 2013 at 9:36 AM

      please share a photo.. cheers Ferdy

  • 17 October 2014 at 8:24 PM

    Weird and cool!

    I have Queen’s debut album in a Pink vinyl. I got it from my uncle who got it from the UK back when Queen released their Sheer Heart Attack album

  • 3 June 2017 at 3:29 PM

    I have a blue colombian vinyl of “A Kind of Magic” which my cousin happened to buy for my birthday for like USD $5. Nor she or the seller knew about its value.


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