Freddie Mercury Signed Promotional Picture 1987

freddie signed picture 87_qm

‘Taverners LTD’ are a renovations company for the rich & famous and are still based in London.
Freddie had extensive building works done in the interior of Garden Lodge & ‘The Mews’ which lasted well over 3months whilst Freddie was out of the country. All this is documented in various Freddie book publications. Upon Freddies return he loved ALL the works carried out on his home that he invited through Peter Freestone all employees of ‘Taverners LTD’ to a private party at his home. The directors of ‘Taverners LTD’ duly passed Freddies best wishes onto all employees whom worked on the renovations project and informed them all of Freddies ‘THANKYOU PARTY’.
All employees who were to attend the private party were told by the directors that ‘under no circumstances’ must they approach Freddie at the party. The party was held in Freddies garden, there was a marque and plenty food & drink. After 20mins or so of the party getting started Freddie came out of Garden Lodge and ‘pounced’ on everyone, personally thanking them all for the wonderful work carried out.
Freddie later had one of his staff (POSSIBLY PETER) bring the newly ‘produced’ Barcelona Shoot Photographs ‘to which Freddie and his mother were extremely fond of’ out to the garden, Freddiepersonally signed each and everyone of ‘Taverners’ workforce one of these promotional photographs.
So an example of TOTALLY GENUINE Freddie’s signature and is special due to the fact that it was actually signed at Garden Lodge in the garden at a very private THANKYOU party!!!
I actually still retain the letter of provenance, purchased it directly from the employee.

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