QueenMuseum is 20 years old!!

Not the greatest Queen event of the year, of course, but I ┬ájust wanted to share that, with its high and low, Queenmuseum.com is now on line since 1996. First name of the page was “Queen collector page” back in april 1996. There weren’t many Queen website at that time and I wanted to connect with other Queen collectors worlwide. I virtually met hundreds of people and I’m still in contacts with many of them. I remember I first uploaded some images of rare 45 picture sleeves from my collection. At that time a scanner took about 3 minutes to get a (now very low quality) image. But that was so great!!! From then a lot of other Queen related websites have appeared and the most did much better than what I do but that passion is still alive. Collection has grown up with additions of items that were just in my dreams 20 years ago; I met and traded with a lot of Queen collectors worldwide.

So Happy Birthday QueenMuseum.com!!

Here are some screenshots from the past…. maybe someone will remember them…..




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