Larry Lurex

Larry Lurex

I can Hear Music & Goin’ back.These songs were recorded during Summer 73 by Freddie,Roger and Brian to kill time when they were waiting for any available studio to work at their debut album. A Trident producer Robin Cable was working at this Beach boy song and thought Freddie’s voice was perfect for that song.Goin’ Back was an old Goffin & King song. Following all the known issues of this single.



Larry Lurex: I can Hear Music/Goin’ back
UK EMI 2030
In the photo you find a demo copy of this 7″ released 29th June ’73.In the label you find stamped the date 1/6/73, which usually refers to the date of release.. maybe it was postponed or the information about 29th is not correct.The matrix number is stamped (EMI 2030 A 1-U) .Regular stock copies omits the “demo records not for sale” and the date overprints. This contains the 3.06 min version of the song.


In South Africa this single was released with same label but with additional  “J” (EMIJ 2030) on the cat no.Very Rare!!
Larry Lurex: I can Hear Music



UK One sided 7″ test pressing with blank white label. LL A-1 on the run-off groove. This is the rarest lurex UK 45 also because it ‘s a slighlty different remix/cut; it features 20 sec (total 3.26 min)  more as fade out than the standard UK issue but the full 3.26 version can be found also on the german 7″.

This  UNIQUE   1 SIDED TEST PRESSING  was  ‘commisioned’    BY  Freddie Mercury  HIMSELF.!!!  I  have  it  on  good authority and  was  told IN PERSON that   these  TEST PRESSINGS  were  actually  commisioned  BY  Freddie Mercury  later  in  Queen’s  career (AFTER ’73)  as  he  couldnt  actually  get copies  of  the standard  original  release for himself or his friends. He  wanted  a  quantity  pressed  at  the EMI PLANT  andso  he  duely  got  what he  wanted.  EMI  pressed  a  small  quantity  on  ‘white label’  WITH  white  ‘plain sleeves’  and  this  is  how  this UNIQUE item  came about. They are  ‘TEST PRESSINGS’  due to the  fact  that very little was produced as commisioned by Freddie. Freddie  wanted  copies  to  give  to  close freinds  ETC, ‘Jim Jenkins’ has one  and  Freddie  gave copies  to  ‘Peter RATTY Hince’ ‘Peter Straker’ (TO MENTION A FEW)  ALL  ‘Friends and  associates’  of  Freddie  &  Queen.  These  TEST PRESSINGS  were  pressed  at  EMI  either 1976  or  1977,  3-4years  after  the original release. I  dont  know  how  many EMI  pressed  for  Freddie  BUT  I  do  know  it  was  extremely LIMITED hence ‘TEST PRESSING’,  ‘Peter Hince’  recently  told me  that  Freddie  gave him  some  copies  ‘personally’  AND  he  remembers  also  that  there  was  a quantity  in  Queen Production Offices  in Pembridge Rd, London  between  1976-77.



Larry Lurex: I can Hear Music/Goin’ back
Germany Emi Electrola 1C 006-94677.
This is the most attractive “Lurex” issue,the only with Picture Sleeve.Note that there are bootleg of this issue with inside white label colored vinyls.The reproduction of the sleeve is very good but be careful when  you find a mint sleeve and also check the mini LP covers on the back which appears to be not in great resolution on the fake ps. Below a photo of the original label.First copies had title on the label with I can Her music” then corrected.





Larry Lurex: I can Hear Music/Going back
USA Anthem Records AN 204  Remix.
Rarest of the three US known singles. On the label A 0009 Remix. 3.05 min.
This single was out in USA under the Anthem label without picture sleeve. Title on the back says Going Back.



Larry Lurex: I can Hear Music/Going back
USA Anthem Records AN 204.
This single was out in USA under the Anthem label without picture sleeve. Title on the back says Going Back. On the picture a copy signed by Brian in silver pen.


Larry Lurex: I can Hear Music/I can Hear Music
USA Anthem Records AN 204 promo.
The version is the promo one ,no differences of label or other between this and the normal one , only the “Promotional only not for sale” written and the mono version on B-side. Rumours says tha  also promo copy of Goin’ Back (stereo/mono) exists, always from Anthem.



Larry Lurex: I can Hear Music/Going Back
One of the famous 1980’s bootleg of the Lurex single. Known as Joe Perfect demo 45.




Larry Lurex: I can Hear Music/Goin’ back
UK EMI 2030.Reissue (or bootleg ?) in 92 with different matrix no. (LL1) easy recognizable from its 33 hole.


Acetates & Test Pressings


Larry Lurex: I can Hear Music

LARRY LUREX & THE VOLES FROM VENUS I Can Hear Music (Stunning genuine Trident Studios UK 1-sided acetate. When released the artist name was shortened to just ‘Larry Lurex’. This was sold from a famous online record shop.  An Abbey road label acetate also surfaced the market.


5 thoughts on “Larry Lurex

  • 17 January 2016 at 3:31 PM


    I stay in South Africa and would like more information regarding the SA Larry Lurex (emij 2030). Eg how many copies were pressed and where in SA. Also, what are the chances of getting my hands on a copy? Could you point me in the right direction or put me in contact with someone who can?

    Looking forward to hearing from you


  • 26 August 2018 at 3:41 PM

    Great article, for many years I have had the one sided test pressing and honestly wondered if it was perhaps a bootleg. Now I know it wasn’t it makes it even more special, also pleased to discover that the US version of the single I have is the rarer version. I am further fortunate enough to have German copy with picture sleeve that I personally had the band fully Autograph in 1988.

  • 14 June 2019 at 3:31 PM

    Hi is the 1992 reissue/bootleg worth anything? I have a copy

  • 30 October 2020 at 7:00 PM

    I think one night I decided to buy a ticket for can’t remember who was who was on but this guy he was supporting act I was blown away by his voice even then I knew he would be famous it was early70s at Bolton dog Stadium

  • 4 March 2021 at 8:29 AM

    Although the Beach Boys version is probably the best known, the original was by The Ronettes so it would be more accurate to say: “A Trident producer Robin Cable was working at this Ronettes song”.

    The production is clearly influenced by Phil Spector.


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